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Just a few selections of positive praise and news for Grace Webb.


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December 2019 - Front End Chatter Podcast


"I watched (Grace's Amazing Machines) and I think I'm a little bit in love with Grace! She's like a female Guy Martin. I'm definitely going to watch again.

Grace is a former presenter for the Thundersport Racing Championship Series and is a bona fied motorcyclist as well. I watched the way she was riding the V4 Panigale, Harley Davidson Tourer, Electric KTM Dirtbike and BMW S1000RR and it definitely looked like she knew what she was doing!

It's lovely how she introduces cars, engines and the like - but then says that she really really loves motorbikes - and you can see there is a real passion. Well done Grace and Cbeebies for putting motorbikes in front of kids."

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October 2020 - BBC Radio Kent


"What would you recommend to watch?"

"Yes - Grace's Amazing Machines, which is where motorbike rider Grace is in the driving seat as she introduces children to some of the biggest, fastest and most amazing machines in the world."

"It's sounds like Top Gear on Sunny Delight!"

"It definitely is, just like Top Gear for kids."

October 2020 - Common Sense Media

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March 2021 - Northampton Girls High School

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July 2021 - Transport for Wales


October 2021 - The Sunday Times

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February 2023 - The Irish News

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