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Showreel 2022

Subscribe to Grace's Youtube channel using this link: officialgracewebb

A selection of Grace's favourite videos from her Youtube Channel:

Q&A with Grace - Spring 2021 #shareasmile

In this video, see Grace answer a selection of questions sent in via her Instagram page! She answers questions about motorbikes, music & more.

Mini Mechanics, Massive Minds - Spring 2020

Episode 3 - Grace's Aprilia RRV450 Mini Bike Review

In this video, Grace gives a mini-review of her beloved Aprilia RRV 450. She’ll take you for a walk around this unique bike before going for a ride!

Suggested Follow-up Activities after watching:

  • Write or film a review of a vehicle at your house! It could maybe be a family car, bicycle or toy. What information can you find out about it, like how fast it goes, what colour it is, what special features it has, etc.

  • Can you help Grace find more animals that weigh approximately the same as her bike? You could make a diagram showing animals that are more than and less than too!

  • Pause the video and spot the difference! What is the same and what is different about the Aprilia RXV 450 and the Aprilia RRV 450? What features can you see on both bikes that are the same and are different to each other?

  • Look closely! What images can you see on Grace’s helmet?

  • Write a fact file about the Aprilia RRV 450? What facts can you include that Grace spoke about?

  • Use the internet to research and make a fact file about your favourite bike or car! Ask an adult before using the internet.

Mini Mechanics, Massive Minds - Spring 2020

Episode 8 - Grace's Tyre Workout

In this video, Grace takes part in her home workout using one of her bike tyres! Perfect for all the family to join in – don’t worry – you don’t need a tyre to take part, you could always use a pillow, cushion or hula hoop instead!

After working as a Physical Education Co-ordinator in Primary Education for several years, I love designing workouts for myself, and motivating others to take part.


The workout will be 35 seconds of work, with 25 seconds of rest / 10 exercises / 2 rounds =  a 20 minute workout.


Bell noises, Action camera & Prompts on screen - to keep you on track!

Video designed to be enjoyed and take part in! Everyone who takes part in this exercise does so at their own risk. Consult your doctor if you are unsure before taking part. Remember to warm-up before exercising and stretch afterwards. Keep hydrated throughout exercise and ensure you have enough space so you do not cause injury to yourself or others.

Grace Cadwell Park on a Bennetts Bike Track Day – What are they all about?

In this video, Grace Goes.... to Cadwell Park with the Bennetts Team to see what their Track Days are all about. Which is actually quite a lot! So if you’re thinking of riding at Cadwell Park, booking a Bennetts Track Day or just love motorbikes…. then tune in!

Grace takes her Aprilia RRV 450 on track, tries out the Helite AirBag Jacket and rides a Suzuki GSXR1000 with John McGuiness on the Bennetts’ Ducati Streetfighter V4.


Grace would like to thank Bennetts for putting on a brilliant track day and her team Ray, Acea and Dan for their pit support, photography and many, many bottles of water!

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